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Hi! I'm Paola

I was born and raised in Brazil, but I moved to the Netherlands in 2016. Before that, I lived in Germany, France, and Italy as a student and worked in architecture offices. I love travelling and exploring different cultures. Over the years, I have become proficient in more than six languages and developed a passion for photography. Always keen on art, compositions and fashion, the interdisciplinary mix can be seen in my photos in both editorial and documentary styles.

As a destination wedding photographer, my experience in navigating different countries and airports, and my ability to handle unexpected situations, come in handy. Although I focused on fashion photography for some time, I missed the rawness and authenticity of photo reportage, which is my foundation in photography. My background in fashion photography allows me to capture unique and memorable pictures that you won't find in traditional wedding photography delivering high-end results and a collection of visual narratives.


As a wedding photographer, I am always behind the scenes, observing, analyzing, and capturing the story of your special day. I will be there with you throughout the intimate and special moments of your wedding day. My goal is to capture the true love that shines through on your big day with a glamourous touch.


To ensure the highest quality of my work, I only take on a small number of handpicked weddings each year. With my skills and expertise, you will receive a collection of images that will bring your wedding day back to life again and again.

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